Photo Critique Day

The idea of this group and meetings, is to spend one afternoon with friends and colleagues, exchange opinions, give advice, learn from the perspective of the others, generate new ideas and projects…we believe in the collective, the union of noble-minded persons.

For the ones that can’t attend in person, here we have the same space, but online: Facebook Group

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or you’ve just started. You only have to be willing to share.

Guideline for the meetings:

1) A critique is not a putdown. Critical comments are meant to help you improve your work. Please keep this in mind; simple expressions of approval or dislike aren’t enough to tell a photographer why you think a photo is good or bad. When offering critiques or comments, please be candid, critical, constructive, and friendly.

2) When you show a photo, please choose carefully. Show your best work. Pick images you would like others to see and on which you really want to have critical input. Use this meetings for learning, that’s the main idea after all.

3)Please describe your images – tell us what you wanted to express in the photo, what goal you were trying to achieve, what you particularly like about the result, what you feel may be missing or flawed, special efforts you made, or any other information that may help us to understand your work.


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