:: The Berta ART Raffle: Vol.1 ::

In March 2014 we organized an art raffle to cover the treatment of our cat, Berta. We decided to award every ticket buyer with a prize -an art work- in gratitude. The night before of the day we held the open exhibition and the raffle, Berta died. As the event was a total success and during the process of organization, we realized that it was a great idea and that it might be interesting to organize further ruffles to help fellow artists to promote their work, while attracting attention to social situations. Through this calendar of ruffles we intend to bring together the artworks of relevant and emerging artists with a group of art lovers, stimulating the young public to start their own art collection. First edition: *50 Numbers *More than 50 Art Works donated by five Berlin Based Artists. -Many thanks to: Alana Richards, Jonny Whitlam, Stephanie CustanceEli Cornejo and Juan Arata.

An Arata for Tarek Mar-Seba Foto1159


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