Catalogue :: Vol. 3 ::

Mouselephant, by Vincenzo Fagnani. “More than a design studio, Mouselephant is a way of interpreting visual communication, which aspires to bring graphic design to the streets to fuel discussions on our society. It is the idea of using graphic design as a tool for an independent, spontaneous and active communication.” Extract from an interview from The Loopist.

Vincenzo_Fagnani_Wurst_Poster Vincenzo_Fagnani_What_You_Eat_Poster Vincenzo_Fagnani_Vote_01 Vincenzo_Fagnani_lunar_proselytism_01 Vincenzo_Fagnani_Adam_and_Eve_01Vincenzo_Faganani_Appereance_01

Georgina Espasa, Serie CUBA. 2012, Photography. This serie will show her impression and fascination for the colourful and particular Caribbean style when traveling around the isle.

1.GeorginaEspasa.interior_santiago_boladecristal Georgina Espasa, Interior santiago general 3.GeorginaEspasa.interior_santiago_llit Georgina Espasa, Interior Santiago c

6.GeorginaEspasa.interior_santiago_tv_ventilador.2012 5.GeorginaEspasainterior_santiago_esquina_nevera.2012

Flavita Banana, original Illustrations. Equipped with a unique ability to read people, she has created a unique style to draw characters stripped of their masks and formalities. Her work stands out for its sincerity, the mixture of emotions and, above all, for the great sense of humor.

FlavitaBanana, The boy 16.FlavitaBanana.Confident 21.FlavitaBanana.LaHuída2014 19.FlavitaBanana.escritorio 20.FlavitaBanana.Laduda 22.FlavitaBanana.No necesita a nadie.2014.Acrílico sobre papel

Edition Edna, illustration. Edna has developed a double life, in one she is a profesional writer –her first novel has been just released – but in the one we’ll have the chance to see, she is and work as an illustrator. As she said about the way she works “the most important thing to me in drawing as in writing is storytelling. So i am interested in visual storytelling”

3.Editiont Edna.Heavy hair, 30x30.20154.Edition Edna.Dark dark, 30x30.2015 2.Edition Edna.Hostage, 30x30.2015 1.Edition Edna.Cutest kitten final.2015

5.EditionEdna.MermaidHair.2015 5.EditionEdna.Plant.2015

Alana Richards, serie of drawings, 2011. Graphite on paper. “Although I always carry a sketchbook around with me, I rarely draw in it outside of my studio. I tend to go through stages where I am obsessed with drawing, these stages sometimes last weeks….sometimes months. All of these drawings come from the longest period, 2010-2011 I was obsessively drawing and noting everything that crossed my path, drawings from art books, real life, imagination and often incorporating lyrics from songs, talk on the radio and words from my friends mouths.” This drawings were exhibited as part of FRAME Birmingham

3.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011 5.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011 4.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011 15.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011 13.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011 12.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011 2.AlanaRichards.untitled.20111.AlanaRichards.untitled.20117.AlanaRichards.untitled.2011


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